Priority topics for this DERC 2020

 Online teaching/learning methodologies
 Distance education in the school context
 Innovative methods of teaching and assessment
 Building social competencies
 Building characters
 Inculcating healthy behaviors
 Parental involvement in education


List of themes by the Ministry of Education

1. Introduction of STEM/STEAM
2. Trends in learning and assessment systems
3. Effectiveness and efficiency of curriculum delivery
4. Distance education
5. Online education
4. Personalized competency based education
5. School-based scientific research
6. Stakeholder participation in vocational studies after G.C.E. (O/L) examination
7. Role of ICT in students’ learning
8. Teacher effectiveness and motivation
9. Relationship with the curriculum and examinations
10. Impact of examinations on students’ learning and wellbeing
11. Impact of teaching methods on students’ performance
12. Effective classroom planning and management
13. Role of principal in school development
14. Equity and public finance in education
15. Transparency in education
16. Child nutrition and wellbeing
17. The adverse effects of private supplementary tutoring